Throughout the years, critics would mock that a simple pair of glasses was not nearly enough to disguise Clark Kent as Superman. Well, apparently it’s not so far fetched after all. According to Henry Cavill’s recent Instagram post, it seems like it really doesn’t take all that much to hide the true identity of “The Man of Steel.” In this case, a simple (opened) coat seems to be enough.

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Can a superhero get a little love? C’mon, he’s wearing the shirt with the logo right on his chest. How can the world’s greatest superhero be mistook for an ordinary citizen? He’s not even wearing any glasses! Yet, that’s exactly what the fine folks of New York City are demonstrating in this enlightening video montage, created by Superman himself. Maybe if he wore the cape things would be different.

They may have missed him on the streets of the city, but they won’t miss him on the big screen later this month for the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Check out the action-packed trailer below.