One of our all-time favorites, Terry Crews, is back on network TV in the Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which also stars Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. The show has received some very positive reviews, with the Daily News calling it “the funniest and most satisfying new broadcast sitcom of the season” and The Hollywood Reporter calling it Fox’s “best comedy.”

Crews plays Terry Jeffords, a once obese guy who whipped his body into shape and became a top cop. However, he starts questioning his high-risk job once he settles down and becomes a father to twin girls. After the first episode aired this week, Crews took to Twitter to admit the following:

Like most action/comedy stars, Crews works his you-know-what off, and one fan mentioned that in a tweet to the former NFL player.

As well as having Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the go, Crews also acted as guest editor on Funny or Die’s free digital magazine called The Occasional, which takes a humorous look at all things fitness. We couldn’t let the chance slip without reminding you why Crews is so funny – yes folks, it’s “The Power of Music” Old Spice remix:

And after a little trawl on his Twitter account, we came across this video he posted from a South African TV show, during which where he busts out some moves. Awesome!