At Muscle & Fitness, we take pride in featuring the most ripped athletes and celebrities on our covers, and we keep it real with our workout routines and diet plans. The guys on our covers are undoubtedly some of the hardest-working lifters in the gym—and we provide the tools you need to get on their level.

That said, we just couldn’t ignore the epic M&F cover that fans Photoshopped to acknowledge the otherwordly jacked physique of Thanos, the gargantuan purple villain of Avengers: Infinity War . Hey, sometimes CGI superheroes (and supervillains) can provide #fitspiration, too.

Josh Brolin, who plays “The Mad Titan” in Marvel’s latest Avengers installment, Instagrammed the well-deserved cover, and it’s garnered over 92,000 likes so far.

We’re not shocked, since it includes pretty much everything you’d see on a typical M&F cover. Six-pack abs? Check. Bulging shoulders? Check. Formidable arms? Obviously. Vascularity? Nailed it. Infinity Gauntlet, complete with six stones? Check. (Soul Stone? More like Swole Stone.)

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Sure, he’s hell-bent on annihilating half the population of the universe. And, y’know, computer-generated. But Thanos’ physique is on point. Considering the amount of time he’s spent since the first Avengers movie trying to find the Infinity Stones and destroy at least half of everything in his path, it’s amazing that he’s had any spare time to hone such symmetrical musculature.

Brolin was on a roll Monday, sharing two more mock covers featuring Thanos and Cable, the Deadpool 2 anti-hero who Brolin got real-life jacked to play.

The covers are undeniably hilarious, especially because they actually look pretty real. The M&F cover definitely had us doing a double-take.

Follow Brolin on Instagram at @joshbrolin to keep up with his antics, catch Avengers: Infinity War in theaters now, and don’t miss Deadpool 2 on May 18.

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