Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, if you don’t know the name we’re not sure which rock you been living under. Regardless of the rock’s size, we’re sure the The King of Stones could lift it. Bjornsson has been tossing around godly amounts of weight in the gym — per usual. He recently set a new deadlift record and let the mystery hang about exactly how much he hauled. Can you guess the number?

Can’t figure it out? He only left us hanging for a few hours. Turns out The Mountain deadlifts 400 kilograms, that’s 880 pounds for the math-challenged. 

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400kg/880lbs felt like nothing today!

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“My training has been ridiculously hard these past few weeks so I was very happy to make this lift,” Björnsson says in his post. “When I get some rest I will be ready for monster PB’S!”

Wait, that wasn’t a “monster” lift? We’re not sure how he’s going to keep up the trend, but we’ve got a few deadlift-building tips to help out.