Sure, there have been plenty of brutal knockouts that have brought MMA fans to their feet over the years, and this one ranks right up there with the most terrifying of them.

So devastating was Samuel Ilnicki’s kick to the head of his opponent, Solomon Rogers, that the victorious fighter actually appeared concerned for his opponent’s well-being—as opposed to celebratory—immediately after the beaten man’s face hit the canvas.

Both amateurs were looking to make a name for themselves in their debut welterweight bout at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions: Fight Night 7 in Wolverhampton, England—and, in a way, they both did. But it was the Polish fighter, Ilnicki, who made headlines for a perfectly landed, fight-finishing face kick.

As for Rogers, no official word has been released on his condition, but we’re hoping he’ll get the chance to fight again.

Knockout Ends MMA Fight Super Quick

Knockout Ends MMA Fight in 5 Seconds

The fight didn't last long, as both guys came out to hit home runs. One got his in first.

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