A well-placed punch to the body can be just as damaging as one to the face. Sure, it may not be as visually pleasing as a perfectly landed right hook to the jaw sending a man to the canvas, but it certainly can have the same devastating result.

Such was the case in a fight between heavily hyped 21-year-old Aaron Pico and challenger Shane Kruchten during their featherweight bout at Bellator 192 this past weekend. As you’ll see in the clip below, just one perfectly placed shot to the liver was all it took to get Kruchten to crumple. 

You know the body blow had to cause some serious pain for the fighter to go down that fast. Clearly, it was all over from that point, as the referee quickly jumped in to wave off the contest just 37 seconds into the first round. 

This quick finish marks the second impressive win for Pico, who recently notched his first MMA victory with an opening-round KO against Justin Linn. Only that time he went upstairs with a vicious left hook to the jaw.

Here’s a look at how that one ended:

Keep your eyes on Pico, as he’s sure to deliver more brutal knockouts going forward.

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