Conor McGregor recently made a splash while in his home country of Ireland to accept an award at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin. “The Notorious” initially hit the stage on January 10 to collect a lifetime achievement award for his unique and speedy rise to mainstream success. 

While on stage, he shared a few tips on the way he got to where he’s at today, telling audience members how they can try to do the same for themselves.

Check out what he had to say below:

As you can see in the video, Virgin CEO Richard Branson was on stage to present McGregor with the award. In typical billionaire playboy fashion, he had to have fun with the event, and managed to bait McGregor into taking off his shirt for a quick face-off. McGregor looked ripped as usual, and for a 67-year-old who isn’t a world-class MMA fighter, Branson doesn’t look too shabby himself. 

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Great fun taking on @thenotoriousmma

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But fun and games aside, McGregor has confirmed that he’s currently in negotiations with the UFC about a fight this year.

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