Watch: Death-defying Fan Does Rafter Pullups at Kodak Black Concert

Warning: do not attempt. Pro tip: Learn proper pullup form.

Listen, we’ve all had busy days during which hitting the gym seemed impossible. Maybe on one of those days you have a Kodak Black concert to attend. But remember that a concert is not the right venue to bust out pullups with poor form, especially above the crowd where you're putting others in danger.

One very unwise gentleman decided to start his workout at the top of the College Street Music Hall venue, according to TMZ. He appears to be at least 50 feet in the air above a crowd that's cheering him on, but who knows if they'd have caught him if his stunt took a turn for the worse.

The man ultimately made it down safely and was let off with just a summons from the police.

Here's another angle of the chaos that ensued:

James Harrison's workout playlist is proof that Kodak Black does have some songs that can get you hype enough to blast through your workout, but just save it for the gym for your sake and everyone else's.

On a serious note, if you're in need of a time-saving workout you can do anywhere, check out the links below: