You know what’s better than sitting down for a Rocky marathon? Sitting down for a free Rocky movie marathon. And thanks to YouTube, you can rewatch the first five installments in the franchise for the low price of $0 (though that’s still a steep price for V).

It’s all part of YouTube’s movie section, which has a choice selection of free films to watch every month—which is something that probably flies under the radar in a sea of streaming services. In addition to the Rocky movies, you can also watch the original Terminator, Nosferatu, and Night of the Living Dead if you’re looking to get into a horror mood for Halloween.

While there’s never a bad time for Rocky, things couldn’t have worked out better for fans of the franchise—not only is the 42nd anniversary of the first film coming up at the end of the year, now’s also the perfect time to relive Rocky IV’s showdown against Ivan Drago before all the characters share the screen again in November’s Creed II.

Don’t say we never gave you anything. 

[h/t GameSpot]

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Ivan Drago Returns to Challenge Adonis and Rocky I...

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