WATCH: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thanks Malignaggi for Spying on McGregor’s Sparring ‘Like I Asked You To'

The two boxers appear to have been in cahoots with regards to Malignaggi’s true reason for serving as McGregor’s sparring partner—or it could just be another item on the laundry list of fight-hype moments.

Floyd Mayweather and Paulie Malignaggi
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We are finally on the cusp of one of the biggest combat sporting events ever, and the smack talk continues to roll in. 

Retired boxer Paulie Malignaggi was originally Conor McGregor’s sparring partner until things went sour only a few weeks before the fight. McGregor’s camp allegedly continued to leak unflattering pictures of the pair sparring, which caused Malignaggi to go on an epic Twitter rant and quit the camp.  

To add to the insult, Dana White released a small clip of a possible knockdown of the retired boxer by the UFC star, which, as you’d expect, he took exception to. But wait, there’s more. On Tuesday, McGregor and Malignaggi had an intense confrontation at a press event in Las Vegas, which almost got physical. 

With all of that in the past, it’s plausible that Malignaggi would be harboring some feelings against McGregor's camp, unless this was all one big ruse to pump up this fight to its max earning value. 

At a pre-fight workout it appears as though Malignaggi has officially switched sides, as the FightHype video shows him and Floyd Mayweather Jr. joking on "The Notorious".

“My friend Paulie has always been my friend. You know what, I even told my friend—my friend called me and said, ‘Floyd, do you want me to go to camp?’ I said, ‘Abso-f**king-lutely,’" Mayweather said. Obviously, this seems like a clever little jab just before the fight, although it’s unclear if the pair actually conspired together. 

In addition to the clip, we also get an extended version of the Malignaggi-McGregor sparring session. 

The feud will come to an end tomorrow, August 26, when McGregor and Maywether finally step in the ring.