You probably recognize this crazy-haired, jacked guy from his over-the-top Instagram videos, and we got the chance to sit down with him. M&F’s Andrew Gutman talked with  Jon “Jujimufu” Call’s about his rise to social media stardom and how he manages to keep the fresh ideas coming and relevant on social media. 

Jujimufu has amassed 909K followers on Instagram, and is climbing at a fast rate. Just as an example, here is the type of stuff that you can see on his IG page: 

Call got rolling on his journey to become a fitness star when he posted the insane video in which he can be seen doing a squat between two chairs with a barbell. He said, after posting it, his followers “jumped by 30,000 in a few weeks.” 

That one video jump-started his fitness career and allowed him to quit his job. Watch the video below for more industry tips on how to make it in the fitness industry and more.