Watch: Mark Wahlberg Fine-tunes Physique With Assortment of Muscle-chiseling Moves

The 46-year-old fitness buff shares a quick workout session with his longtime friend.

We all know that actor Mark Wahlberg prides himself on the stellar condition of his physique. The man is just as serious about his performance in the weight room as he is about his performance on the big screen.

In this recent Instagram post, the ripped fitness fanatic gave followers a quick peek of a workout he shared with a longtime friend. As you'll see, Wahlberg is clearly the more polished of the two when it comes to form, strength, and technique, but he admits it's just more fun to work out with friends. "It makes me happy to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle," said the incredibly fit actor. 

While the video is a montage of a few muscle-building, core-strengthening, and fat-burning moves, it demonstrates just how skilled Wahlberg is at performing each one. No doubt, he's put in his time with the iron to build and maintain his lean and muscular physique.

He also stressed the importance of a nutritious diet and high-quality supplementation, which led to the development of Performance Inspired: Wahlberg's own line of all-natural supps that offer the premium fuel to support his hardcore training regimen.

Just how committed is Wahlberg to working out and living a healthy and active lifestyle? This clip pretty much sums it up.