If you were on the fence about watching the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s NFL pre-game promotional video surely got you to make up your mind. 

Whether it’s crushing a hardcore legs workout or tuning in to watch an epic battle go down the ring or on the gridiron, Johnson is a master at getting people motivated to sign on. Hell, it could be a chess match between two old dudes at the park, and you’d still be pumped to check it out after an impassioned 30-second speech from The People’s Champion. And that’s exactly why the NFL sought out the master motivator to shoot the intro for this past weekend’s big game.

Here’s a taste of how “The Rock” gets the blood boilin’ and inspires everyone to “bring it”:

And now that the stage is set for Super Bowl LII on February 4, don’t be surprised if you see Johnson appear in another pre-game promo to get you pumped for the showdown between the Pats and Eagles. 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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