Watch: WWE's Braun Strowman Is Defeated by a 7-pound Seafood Sandwich

The "Seafood UFO" at Jimmy's Famous Seafood in Maryland proved to be too much even for "The Monster Among Men".

"The Monster Among Men" may have defeated Roman Reigns and The Miz, but it appears he's finally met his match—in the form of a 7-lb (!!) seafood sandwich.

While on tour with WWE in Maryland a few weeks ago, Braun Strowman decided to take on the Seafood UFO at Jimmy's Famous Seafood. The sandwich is packed with just about every kind of seafood you can imagine, including crab cakes, fried shrimp, shrimp salad, fried oysters, and crab dip. As you can see in Strowman's Instagram post, the sandwich seems like a perfect fit for the 385-lb Strowman:

Jimmy's Famous Seafood recently released a video showing how they made Strowman's sandwich behind-the-scenes, which you can watch above.

In a previous interview with Muscle & Fitness, Strowman admitted that he has an unsurprisingly large appetite, as he often goes to the local Whole Foods while on tour and eats two entire rotisserie chickens in a single day.

However, according to the Facebook page for Jimmy's Famous Seafood, the Seafood UFO proved too powerful for even a man as enormous as Strowman. To be honest, we can't blame him—that sandwich looks terrifying (in a good way).