If there’s ever a time for the disclaimer, “don’t try this at home” (or the gym), this would be it. While this creative attempt at barbell back squats ranks high on the difficulty meter, it also ranks just as high on the stupidity meter. Any knowledgeable weight trainer knows that a solid foundation is key to successfully squatting some heavy-ass weight.

Of course there’s always someone willing to say “F-that, I’ll do it as incorrectly and dangerously as possible so it goes viral on Instagram.” And that’s exactly what Bradley Martyn did during his illogical attempt to back squat four full reps of 315 lbs. while balancing himself on a PhunkeeDuck—a Segway-like scooter without handlebars.

Check out the video to see how Martyn somehow evades a crushed vertebrae. Like what you see? Looks like there will be plenty more from the attention-garnering gym rat. In his own words, “tune in for more stupid sh*t.”