If the viral sword-fighting-at-the-gym video from a few weeks ago didn’t stop you in your tracks, celebrity trainer Don Saladino shared a whole other “workout” from his Drive gym, simply titled “New Training”—with the hashtag #swordtraining. But what exactly is going on at this gym?

The latest video shows the same mysterious swordfighter (@apiecebyguy) with his mouth, wrists, and ankles taped struggling to grasp his smaller sword and cut himself free while being “attacked.” Of course the attack is not real, but it appears that he’s practicing some kind of escape tactic at the gym.

Perhaps this is survival tactic training at its finest. Don’t mock it (however it strange it looks) until you try it. After all, Saladino has trained Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Justin Theroux, Ryan Gosling, David Harbour, Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, and more clients at his New York-based Drive495 gym.