We doubt anyone would question the strength of 2019 World’s Strongest Man winner Martins Licis, but we know for certain that Rob Gronkowski wouldn’t. The former New England Patriots tight end, who announced his retirement this year, trusted Licis enough to let him overhead squat him during a workout that both men documented on Instagram. 



These days, Gronk reportedly weighs in at around 245 pounds. Licis, who sits around 331 pounds, has overhead pressed well over Gronk’s weight, but that doesn’t mean this was an easy feat of strength. Lifting a person presents more challenges than hoisting weights that are designed to be lifted. Weight imbalances and the fact that you don’t want to drop a living, breathing person to the floor make the situation more unstable, but Licis seems to have had a good handle on it when he lifted Gronk.

Gronk also shared a photo flexing next to Licis, and it may be the only instance where the former football star’s arms look small. 



The two were working out at Unbreakable Performance, an elite training center on the Sunset Strip. According to Licis’ post, they were working on shoulders. The second slide even included a quick video in which they stress the importance of warming up first. 

It’s also worth noting that though it’s cool that the actual World’s Strongest Man overhead pressed and squatted a fellow giant athlete, we do not recommend you try this at home, even if the unlucky person you’d like to lift is tiny. It’s risky for both parties, and you’re better off knocking out some presses in the gym.