Wounded Warriors

U.S Airborne Trooper uses his training background to assist in the rehab of combat injured veterans.

Wounded Warriors

Recently my wife and I opened a training facility in Greenville S.C. called High Performance Gym. As volunteers for the Semper Fi Health and Wellness foundation, Clay Burwell and his wife work with wounded vets assisting them in their recovery from injuries suffered while serving our great nation. They typically work with guys who are amputees, burn victims, and those with traumatic brain injury. Though the organizations roots are with the Marine Corps, Clay will be their liaison, starting 2013, to work with the Wounded Warrior battalion on Ft Bragg. He has been tasked with heading up their "Martial Arts for Vets" program.

"My intentions are to get guys suffering depression and PTSD involved in Martial Arts as opposed to sitting on their couch and hitting the orange pill bottle, says Clay. My belief is that the civilian world is full of soft men and no camaraderie. An environment similar to what you may find in the military can be found in a martial arts dojo. Martial Arts is a highly effective stress outlet that when combined with the camaraderie can save lives."

To assist in the rehabilitation of combat injured veterans, Clay will be hosting a fundraiser later this month. All proceeds go to the Semper Fi Health and Wellness Foundation. 

The fundraiser will consist of 3 parts. 

- A Wellness Workshoop for the Troops*
- A Hardcore "Hero" Workout*
- A Silent Auction

Beers and chow afterwards at a location TBD. Clay is seeking attendance from all - including any veterans. "If it works out we will have Marines, Army, Special Forces (Navy and Army) as well as local patriotic business owners and citizens in attendance," he says. For more information check out Clay's website

*The wellness seminar and workout are $40 each. 

When: January 26, 2013 - (3:00 PM to 7:00 PM)
Where: High Performance Gym
284 Rocky Creek Road
Greenville, SC

The organization would be honored to have you there as a donator to the silent auction, or as a participant, and would like to have as much participation from the community as possible. There will be a lot of vets on hand from all over the east coast, so let's show them that we represent the best the country has!

If you know of another business or individual that would like to participate in the workshop or donate to the silent auction please pass this along. We could use as much help as possible.  Some nice donations have been raised, but there's still a long way to go. If you're unable to attend and still would like to donate. Here is a 

link that you can use to donate directly to the charity. 

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