As WrestleMania XL week kicked off in Philadelphia, PA, WWE Superstars Rey Mysterio and Charlotte Flair surprised 19 Make-A-Wish kids who were fulfilling the ultimate dream of making their very own superstar ring entrances. M&F was there with admiration for these young boys and girls and talked with the pro wrestlers to soak up the power of positivity.

WWE has long been a champion of fulfilling wishes for the inspirational and longstanding non-profit organization, granting ‘money can’t buy’ experiences to children diagnosed with a terminal illness. In fact, John Cena holds the record for the person who has granted the most wishes; a total that currently stands at more than 650. In all, Make-A-Wish grants hundreds of dream experiences each week, allowing kids to meet their favorite singer, movie star, or in this case, grappler.

Sports fan merchandise company Fanatics became the “official sports partner” of Make-A-Wish in October 2023, starting off the effort with a $10 million contribution to the foundation while opening more than 900 sports partnerships and exclusive contracts with thousands of athletes to the nonprofit dedicated to creating life-changing experiences for children with critical illnesses.

After each child made their exciting ring entrance, M&F joined the celebrations with the honorary WWE Superstars, members of Make-A-Wish, Fanatics and of course the pro wrestling icons themselves.

1109 Top WWE Superstars Rey Mysterio
Courtesy of WWE

Rey Mysterio and Charlotte Flair Make-A-Wish Come True

As the brave children were able to forget about their ailments for a once in a lifetime moment, an even bigger surprise was in store because although the kids knew that they would be able to experience life as a WWE superstar and make their own ring entrances; complete with music, lighting, and graphics, they were blown away to find out that they would also be introduced by two of pro wrestling’s biggest icons; Rey Mysterio and Charlotte Flair. Laughter and tears soon followed as the invited crowd looked on in awe of the attitudes that these kids brought.

After each child made their exciting ring entrance, M&F joined the celebrations with the honorary WWE Superstars, members of Make-A-Wish, and of course the pro wrestling icons themselves. “This means the world,” said Rey Mysterio, who was entered into the WWE Hall of Fame last year. “To be able to connect with our fans the way we do. They only get a glimpse every time they watch us perform, and it’s from far away, maybe ringside, but to be able to interact and talk about things, hear what they have to say about what we do for them, that makes them happy, is unbelievable. You know, this is a connection that means the most to us.”

The power of positivity is reciprocal. While the kids are inspired by meeting their heroes, the WWE superstars are powered-up by making personal connections with such brave young people. “And not necessarily having to be in character,” added the 14-time world champion, Charlotte Flair, who finds joy in these personal connections. “Like, letting them feel that they know you, I think that makes it more special as well.”

This event was put together in partnership with WWE World, official sponsor; Fanatics, and Make-A-Wish. In addition to these surprise superstar meet-and-greets, Fanatics is providing each of the 19 kids with $250 to shop for their favorite gear at the WWE World Superstore. Fanatics also created custom Mitchell & Ness bomber jackets, designed after each kids’ WWE persona, along with custom title belts and is providing VIP tickets to WrestleMania XL. For more info on how you can support Make-A-Wish click here!