Kevin Owens has had a pretty awful week, and it’s all thanks to Braun Strowman, “The Monster Among Men.”

Owens, infamous in the WWE universe for being a loudmouth, has been in fear for his life since he angered Strowman in a match months ago. Since then, he has fallen victim to a never-ending barrage of Strowman’s trademark Running PowerSlams.

Owens tried to befriend Strowman two weeks ago, but it ended about as poorly as you’d expect. Last week, Owens hoped a win against Finn Bálor and Baron Corbin would change Strowman’s tune, but The Monster Among Men made it painfully clear that he doesn’t let go of a grudge. Owens tried to escape the venue, only to discover his car had already been flipped upside-down by Strowman.

This week, Owens was a bit hesitant to return to the ring. He pleaded to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to help defuse the situation between him and Strowman, but Angle felt the only way to settle their feud was to fight in the ring one-on-one.

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At first, it appeared that Owens had steeled himself for a fight against the Monster, but it turns out the match was over before it even began. Owens ran out of the ring and got disqualified by count-out.

While trying to flee the venue, Owens realized that he forgot his car keys and quickly tried to find a place to hide. Eventually, he settled on a nearby Port-O-Potty. You can probably tell where this is going.

Strowman searched backstage for Owens until he realized that he’d hidden in the toilet. He then wrapped the toilet in duct tape, trapping Owens inside, and dragged the entire Port-O-John back into the arena.

Once he’d dragged the helpless Owens all the way back to the stage, Strowman performed the ultimate coup de grâce: He charged full-force into the Port-O-Potty with a Running PowerSlam, knocking it off the stage. Owens was eventually retrieved from inside the toilet, covered in blue cleaning fluid.

You would think Owens would’ve learned by now, but there’s nowhere to hide when you’re being chased by a “Monster.”

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