Witness the rise of international film star and former Mr. Olympian Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron, the critically-acclaimed 1977 documentary that put the world of bodybuilding on the map, and bench pressed Arnold’s career from muscles into movies. Pumping Iron focuses on the intense competition between Schwarzenegger and newcomer Lou Ferrigno, the biggest threat to Arnold’s goal of becoming Mr. Olympia. 

Now available on Digital HD for the first time, fans of Pumping Iron will be introduced to content never-before-released in the US, including “Still Pumping,” featuring newly recorded interviews with ‘The Austrian Oak,’ who talks about what it takes to succeed — both mentally and physically — in the highly competitive world of professional bodybuilding. Also featured is The Hard Science of Bodybuilding, with tips from Schwarzenegger and top bodybuilders on how to sculpt your perfect body.

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Check out the footage from these three bonus clips that were never shown in the United States.

Mind Over Body

Applying the Principles

Having Goals