Reverse EZ-Bar Curl

The reverse EZ-Bar curl is an advanced variation of the curl. This move develops size and strength of the biceps and forearms.


  1. 140_A
    Grab an EZ-Bar with an overhand grip and place your hands shoulder-width apart. Stand up and allow the bar to hang in front of you with your arms fully extended.
  2. Reverse EZ-Bar Curl
    Contract your biceps while keeping your elbows tucked by your sides. Raise the bar to shoulder height while maintaining constant tension on the biceps. Pause, and then slowly lower the bar back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Be sure to perform the movement with a controlled pace.
  • Do not lower the weight too quickly. Control it on the way back down.
  • Do not hyperextend through the lower back. Brace you core and keep your spine flat throughout the entire movement.
  • Do not allow the elbows to flare. Keep your elbows tight to your sides the entire time.