Attend the KBC 2 Galvanized Convention to see our own Dr. Jim Stoppani give his talk titled “Workout Nutrition 101”. If gaining muscle size and strength is your goal, then you do not want to miss this. The few hours before working out and the few hours after working out make up the most important nutrition window in your day. Research confirms that eating the right kinds of food around workouts can make a huge impact on the results achieved. Research also confirms that subjects taking certain supplements around workouts see significantly greater results than those taking the same supplements at other times of day. Dr. Stoppani will teach you how to maximize your results by knowing the what, when, and why of workout nutrition.

Also presenting at the KBC 2 Galvanized Convention is M&F Science Advisory Board Member, David Sandler, MS. David will be heading up two sessions. The first is titled “The Art and Science of Looking Great”. Who doesn’t want to look great? Learn how to shed fat, tighten muscles and shape that perfect body. Whether you are a trainer, a physique competitor or just someone looking for great info, this course will help you debunk myths, give you practical applicable science so you/your clients can look and feel their best!! David is also presenting the “IPPA & StrengthPro Presenters Q & A” At this session you can ask the trainers of the pros how they "do it". David Sandler et al will take all the questions you have about training, nutrition, competing, speed, power and more. NO TOPIC is taboo!

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On July 7-8, David is also heading up the IPPA Workshop and Certification. The International Physique Professionals Association (IPPA) is the only fitness organization dedicated to promoting the science and application of improving physical appearance by integrating scientific research and practical applications of exercise science and sports nutrition. The IPPA is THE educational authority on Physique Enhancement. Attend the IPPA Workshop and Certification to become a Certified Physique Specialist (CPS) and set yourself apart from other trainers. It is proof that you know how to get your client’s where they want to go. No other certification even mentions physique, let alone discusses it in detail and provides a solution for how to look and feel your best. The IPPA embraces physique and gives you the tools to help your clients look and feel their best. Becoming a Certified Physique Specialist (CPS) is perfect for any trainer looking for a way to get ahead in this ever expanding profession. It will help you and your clients achieve what they truly want… a fantastic physique!

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