The M&F Trainer workout app is exclusively available for FREE. Sign up for FREE at and download the new M&F Trainer I pod app now. This Fitness App has over 1,000 exercises and syncs with your account through M&F Trainer. Load all the workouts from your home page and members area and sync your daily routines using the M&F Trainer Workout calendar. Download workouts from the magazine, and the M&F Raw series or follow your routine that in generated based on your goals when you sign up!

A $5 Upgrade will get you access to view all of the exercises and the descriptions, as well as give you the upgrade featured on the website that include an outlook feature and access to the Transformation contest, but the app is free to everyone. Muscle & Fitness Trainer’s new version of the iPod Touch & iPhone application is available through the iTunes store as well. If you don’t have an upgraded account for M&F Trainer you can get yours here.

So here are the 5 steps

  • Sign up or login to M&F Trainer here
  • Upgrade your account for $5
  • Add the workouts to your calendar by clicking on the workout tab
  • Grab your I pod or I phone and search for Muscle & Fitness Trainer and download
  • Start working out

Also don't forget to check out our newly released "Motivate Me" feature that is designed to help keep you motivated with your workouts and our "Transformation Challenge" Check it out to see how & what you can win.