Why the Price on Your Favorite Soda Could Increase

A tax on sugar-filled drinks could be looming after research from the World Health Organization determines the health benefits of a sugar tax.

Why The Price on Your Favorite Soda is Increasing

So, if sugar-filled drinks are your kryptonite, we have good news for you. 

Recently, the World Health Organization has stepped up to the plate when it comes to putting a sugar tax on soft drinks. According to BBC.com, a report from the WHO suggests that raising the price of sugary drinks will result in lowered consumption, and in turn, improved nutrition. 

The health group believes that a sugar tax could have a rippling effect, such as “lower incidences of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.”

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For those fruit lovers out there, don’t worry. The tax excludes natural sugars found in fruit and milk.

This information should help to push people away from unhealthy foods. According to the Nutrition Director for the organization, Dr. Francesco Branca, "nutritionally, people don't need any sugar in their diet.” 

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