With the holidays upon us, we took some time to compile a list of great gift ideas for your favorite lifter, runner, and overall gym buff. You might even find a few gifts worth buying for yourself. Across training equipment and apparel, food, grooming products, and rest day recommendations, you’ll be sure to put a smile on the face of any enthusiast.

For the Guy Who Lives to Train

Push Strength

push strength band

Puts other fitness trackers to shame by counting reps, measuring force production (including your one-rep max,  and sending it all to the companion app for a full workout breakdown.
$189 at pushstrength.com

Nike Zoom Hypercross

nike zoom hypercross


Hexagonal Nike Zoom cushioning technology allows the sole of the shoe to conform to whatever surface you decide to tackle. Simultaneously offers versatile support and breathability in a featherweight shoe.
$140 at nike.com

RYU Warrior Hoodie and Training Pant

ryu warrior outfit

Athletic clothing is totally capable of looking cool and feeling great, and RYU is exceptional when it comes to pulling off both. Our favorites remain the Warrior line hoodie and training pant, with a modern cut, soft material and plenty of sleek storage for the gym or your run.
$110-$125 at ryu.com


Otomix Deluxe Weightlifting Gloves with Wrist Support

otomix lifting gloves

These neoprene constructed bodybuilding gloves are designed specifically for weight lifting. Stitching is reinforced for extra stability. Unique gripping pattern increases strength and helps fight hand fatigue. Multiple reinforced palm pads provide complete protection and are ergonomically designed. Wrist wrap is elastic with Velcro closure for a tight fit adding wrist stability.
$19 at otomix.com

Axe Grooming

axe grooming products

For the man who wants to look good and not make a fuss about it—i.e., using products that work, not exotic French brands that empty your wallet. Axe’s tandem of extreme-hold gel and wet-shine spray gel work like the salon stuff, with plenty of cash to spare.
$7-$9 at amazon.com

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

jabra sport pulse wireless

Heart-rate monitors have been around forever. But a pair of bluetooth earbuds that doubles as a heart-rate monitor and uploads workout data right to your phone? That’s an all-in-one that makes sense.
$200 at jabra.com

Faster, Higher, Stronger

faster higher stronger book

Author Mark McClusky, editor of Wired.com, delves into the new frontier of sports science with an in-depth look at the role of genetics and training, and finding the superstars that come out of nowhere.
$20 at amazon.com

Training Mask 2.0

elevation training mask 2.0


This silicone mask was inspired by athletes as a resistance breathing tool. Providing a carbon dioxide (CO2) re-breathe (meaning the air within the mask has greater CO2 content than the air outside of it) this mask is intended to improve cardio endurance, lung volume, and oxygen efficiency within the bloodstream in addition to re-training the way you breathe.
$80 at trainingmask.com

Skins A200

skins a200

Designed for outdoor winter sports, Skins’ A200 thermal compression technology concentrates blood flow to working muscles, letting you train longer and stronger under the toughest conditions.
$80-$125 at skins.net



We’re suspicious of any product that promises to give you the same results as a barbell or a dumbbell. That’s why we were so psyched to find XBar, an EZ-curl bar that can be set up for stationary moves (pictured) but comes with a wide selection of durable bands to replicate just about any lift you might do in the gym.
$150 at xbar.com

Sklz Reaction Ball

sklz reaction ball

At first glance, it looks like someone melted a half-dozen Super Balls together. But toss it on the ground and it’s a dynamic way to work on your agility, reflexes, and reaction time. It’s also the same ball used by trainer Todd Durkin in conditioning drills with clients like Drew Brees.
$10 at sklz.com

For the Guy Who Games on Rest Day

Far Cry 4

far cry 4

This new open-world action shooter from developer Ubisoft helps you escape reality (and the soreness of a heavy workout) by tossing you into a vibrant Himalayan environment rife with side quests, bullets, and ridable elephants. The guys at M&F are playing it themselves and can’t stop talking about it.
$59 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) at amazon.com

Xbox One Call of Duty Bundle

call of duty xbox one

One of the coolest limited-edition consoles we’ve ever seen, this Xbox One’s housing design commemorates the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which comes packed in with the unit. It also doubles the memory of a standard XB1, with a full terabyte of data storage.
$500 at xbox.com

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

super smash bros wii u

Nintendo’s latest entry into the fighting genre is already a critical hit. Pit Mario against Megaman, or pit Pit against Pikachu. In either case, relive your teenage and college dorm memories is crisp HD.
$59 at nintendo.com

For the Guy Who Loves Surprises

Siskiyou NFL BBQ Tool Set

siskiyou nfl bbq tool set

These sturdy three-piece grill sets are more than a show of fan pride. They’re available for all 32 NFL teams, with logos on the carrying case and handles—plus a bottle opener on the end of the spatula.
$50 at dicks.com


nature box


Finding healthy snacks can be a chore, but NatureBox is trying to do something different. Once a month they send an array of their own snack foods that you can pick and choose depending on your diet and goals. From Blueberry Almond Bites to Beef Jerky, they’ve got plenty to choose from.
$40-$200 at naturebox.com

Hot Toys Terminator

hot toys terminator

Immortalizing a brief but iconic moment at the end of the first Terminator film, this statue re-creates Arnold in remarkable detail. Weighs in at five pounds and stands just over a foot tall.
$230 at sideshowtoy.com

Man Crates

man crates


Everything Man Crates puts together is awesome—from the bacon crate with bags of bacon jerky, bacon salt, bacon candy, etc., to the Retro Gamer crate with a pair of classic NES games, a Retro console and controller, and enough Pop Rocks and Red Vines to help you fully recover from a brutal workout and then power through a marathon session of 8-bit nostalgia heaven. Browse the full collections of crates including the Zombie Survival Crate, the Golfer Crate, the Premium Beef Jerky Crate, and the Whiskey Connoisseur.
$25-$180 at 


Spartacus: The Complete Series Limited Edition

spartcus gift set

The Spartacus: The Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray set is the ultimate way to relive the entire saga. Includes all 39 episodes from “Blood And Sand,” “Gods Of The Arena,” “Vengeance,” and “War Of The Damned” on 13 discs (and Digital HD with Ultraviolet) with exclusive never-before-seen bonus content and audio commentaries.
$200 at amazon.com