Alden Mills, founder of Perfect Fitness and former U.S. Navy Seal, dropped by M&F headquarters to give us the scoop about a couple of cutting edge fitness products. The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a revolutionized ab trainer with a carbon steel spring that provides resistance when you roll your abs out. A wider-than-most ab wheel, the Ab Carver Pro has two rubberized grips that allow you to lean to one side and carve a specific area of your core using a thumbless hand position.  

The newest Perfect Fitness product is the Perfect Rip Deck, a unique machine for building upper body strength and size. Use this patent pending piece of equipment with or without the handles to target your chest, arms and abs. Do a variety of exercises with the tracks together including a rotational push-up and chest fly (at the same time) and knuckle ups. Remove the pin and separate the tracks to do intense ab workouts like mountain climbers and pikes. 

Build strength and get shredded with these two effective fitness machines available at and check out Mills’ new motivational book Be Unstoppable: The Eight Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything