PRx Performance

CEO: Brian Barsch

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Fargo, ND

Products: Profile rack with kipping bar, profile folding bench, PRx soft-sided plyobox


The Story (as told to Adam Bible by Brian Barsch): In the summer of 2013, my partner and I were sitting around a campfire drinking beers and talking about how fitness products weren’t evolving as fast as the sport.

Most companies wanted to change your entire garage into a gym, and that doesn’t work too well in Fargo, ND, where it’s too chilly for people to keep their cars outside. So we created a power rack system that would be like a Murphy bed—you can do squats, bench, and pullups, then fold it up against a wall when you’re done.

To support the country and community, everything is American made and most of our manufacturers are based in Fargo. We started selling the Profile rack in April 2014, then auditioned for Shark Tank in January 2015. We appeared on the show in February 2016, and Kevin O’Leary picked us up—we went from $30,000 months to $30,000 days.