A popular phrase circulating the health and fitness sphere is “Sitting is the new smoking.” While we don’t think sitting puts cancer air in your lungs, we do think it’s time to consider the benefits of standing at work.

A 2013 Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study of nearly 17,000 Canadian adults found that people who reported standing “almost all of the time” were 33% less likely to die of any cause compared to those who stood “almost none of the time.” These findings appeared to be limited to the physically inactive, suggesting that you can make up for skipped gym days with less sitting.

To ensure you’re on your feet, try utilizing a standing desk at work. In this recent International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health study, 26 sedentary office workers used a sit-stand desk for four weeks and reduced sitting time at work by 21%. This translated into an average decrease of eight hours of sitting during a 40-hour workweek.

The Rebel Crank-Up 1000 is an adjustable standing desk that changes height using a foldable crank. Available in white, teak or glass, the user-friendly desk measures 48” wide x 28” deep, providing enough desk space for the busiest of minds.

Rebel Desk also offers a standing mat for increased comfort and if you really want to amp up your calorie burn, a compact walking treadmill. In fact, a 2014 study published in PLOS ONE had researchers provide employees of a financial services company with treadmill workstations and their overall work performance and physical activity increased after a few months use.

Stand up to bad posture, back pain and the grim reeper himself with the M&F approved Rebel Desk.

$599 (desk only), rebeldesk.com.