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Will Danial Zamani be the first to officially bench 800 pounds?

The race to raw bench press 800 pounds heated up this week as Iranian powerlifter, Danial Zamani posted an Instagram video suggesting that he’d lifted a whopping 804 pounds. While the lift is neither ratified or official, Zamani says that he welcomes to opportunity to break the 800 pounds record on a legitimately recognised platform. In an Instagram comment he said: “What matters the most to me and my coach Babak Ghazbani @babak_ghazbani, was to break 800 lbs bench press number and I have achieved it now. Gods willing and with respect to all my sport seniors world wide who support me, in close future I am willing to attempt 800 lbs in an official world class competition.

I request from all the organizers, to bring the opportunity to me with respect to the breaking world record in history consideration, to provide a world class platform inviting the best athletes in the world to prove my number. I promise to attempt 356 and 363 kg both in the meet. These numbers are not easy to attempt multiple times in lifetime and I don’t want to attempt them in any random competition. I need a platform which is worth my lifetime effort.”

The current officially acknowledged record for a raw bench press stands at 782 pounds, and is held by Julius Maddox ( ) of Owensboro, KY. Word is that Maddox is hotly chasing the same 800-pound crown. Time will tell if this incredible lift can be properly claimed.

The 2022 CrossFit Open is now underway

On Thursday, the CrossFit Games officially released the first workout of 2022, kicking off three weeks of try outs and featuring more hopefuls than any other participatory sporting event on the planet. This first test is named “Workout 22.1” and is open to all. Any participating athletes have until 8pm EST on Feb 28 to submit their videos for review. This will then be followed by a new workout for the next 2 Thursdays, with submissions required on each following Monday.

The 22.1 workout will feature 4 rounds: RX’d, Foundations, Scaled and Adaptive Divisions and if the promotional video released by the Nobull CrossFit Games 2022 and demonstrated by Danielle Brandon, Noah Ohlsen, Bethany Shadburne, and Patrick Vellner is anything to go by, this may prove to be the toughest season yet. Talking of Ohlsen, look out for M&F’s exclusive interview with the man himself coming soon, for your guide to improving stamina and smashing your own sporting goals.

Female WWE wrestlers going at it in the squared circle
Courtesy of WWE

“On Location” adds WWE to its list of premium sports hospitality experiences

If you need a break following all that CrossFit training but still require an adrenaline fix, you may be pleased to hear that leading premium hospitality provider, On Location has announced this week that WWE pro wrestling events have now been added to an impressive portfolio of fixtures that already include immersive experiences with the NFL, UFC, NCAA and the IOC. WWE’s iconic grappling events attract fans from far and wide. Case in point: WrestleMania 38 is set to take place across 2 nights in early April, live from the gigantic AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX and travellers are expected to descend on the city from all 50 states, and dozens of countries around the world to attend WWE’s version of the Superbowl.

From July, On Location will be able to take the fans even closer to the action beginning with the ‘Money in the Bank’ premium live event in Las Vegas, where passionate sports and entertainment fans can expect to gain VIP access, preferential seating and unforgettable moments with their heroes. For more information on how you can find your perfect spot in the WWE Universe, visit: