iFIT, the company behind the NordicTrack, ProForm and Freemotion fitness brands, have announced an exclusive multiyear partnership with the groups behind four of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, to act as their official connected treadmill and digital content provider.

The deal will expand iFIT’s current content offering by providing its community of more than six million members with virtual access to the Boston, Chicago, London and New York City marathons from the fall onward. In October, iFITS team of trainers began running each marathon, from the starting pistol to the finish line, capturing video and all the sounds and excitement of race day, from the runners point of view, so that users can participate from the comfort of their own home.

“We are excited to be a part of this groundbreaking partnership with iFIT, allowing iFIT members to experience the thrill of running New York’s iconic five-borough course,” said Christine Burke, who is the New York Road Runners senior vice president of strategic partnerships and runner products. “Together, we will enhance our runners’ experience by providing them new ways to prepare for our race, and keep them active and engaged during their entire training cycle.”

iFIT’s patented technology will serve interactivity on each marathon course by automatically adjusting the speed, incline, and decline of its NordicTrack, ProForm and Freemotion treadmills in order to fully replicate the terrain and provide a realistic and immersive experience. Runners will see the famed Heartbreak Hill at mile 18 of the Boston Marathon, the iconic Tower Bridge in London just before the halfway point, as well as the historic Central Park finish location of the TCS New York City Marathon. iFIT enables runners of all abilities, from those just starting out, to the world’s most elite athletes. And, don’t worry if you don’t have all the equipment yet —  participation will also be possible via their mobile and TV apps.

“The Boston Athletic Association’s mission for more than a century has been the pursuit of athletic excellence and the promotion of healthy lifestyles through sports, especially running,” said Tom Grilk, President and C.E.O. of the BAA. “Together with iFIT, we look to expand fitness offerings and help participants reach their health and fitness goals.”

Subscribers will be offered the option to run the 26.2-mile marathons in full, or tackle them in individual training segments. The Boston Marathon virtual series is expected to drop on Oct. 21, with the other courses following close behind

A group of marathon runners at the start of the marathon

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