Marathon season is well underway with hundreds of major events taking place all around the world, so, if you’ve started training for runs in September, or perhaps you are gearing up for the Boston, New York, or London marathon’s in October, you will no doubt appreciate that failing to prepare is the same as preparing to fail.

And 2021 has been a particularly challenging year for marathon runners, especially for those who have missed out on their usual training patterns because of the coronavirus pandemic, but if you are lacing up the sneakers again this year, or have a run marked on your 2022 calendar, it is essential to train smart in order to avoid injury and maximize your performance. Muscle & Fitness talked to Catherine Wysin PT, DPT, a physical therapist with the Hospital for Special Surgery, and a keen marathon runner in her own right, to get you on track with these essential tips for crossing the finish line intact and in great time.

How to Run Stonger and Longer

Shave Minutes Off Your Marathon Time

Incorporating strength-promoting exercises into your marathon training can decrease your finish time...

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