3 Best and Worst Lifting Shoes and Why They Matter

Jump on the right trend and give your workout a strong foundation.

Weightlifting Shoes

On a standard gym-goer's checklist shaker bottles, lifting belts and iPods get plenty of love. What's often overlooked is what's on their feet which is ironic since lifting shoes should be one of the first things checked off the list!

The Benefits of the Right Shoes

Lifting shoes are a bodybuilder's dream come true. They are specifically designed with a lifter in mind. When I first heard about lifting shoes I thought "These aren't necessary, how much of a difference can they actually make." It wasn't until I started doing research into them that I started to see the benefits to wearing them. A huge benefit is the ability to activate more muscle and recruit more fibers. These shoes allow you to push through the floor much easier, which will allow you to produce more force during a lift. When you work out, especially during leg exercises you have to be driving through the heels. It is very hard to drive force through the heel in running shoes. The sole does not support that. Lifting shoes can help you to feel sturdier during heavy squats, deadlifts and any other free compound lift.

These shoes were not designed to be worn during cardio or for machine work. You will see no benefit using them while doing any machine exercises, even leg presses.

Hard sole, flat thin shoe, wrestling shoes or barefoot, which are ideal for lifting weights?

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