In the February issue, we’ve got the ultimate training program to get you as ripped as Wolverine, as strong as the Hulk, and as nimble as Spiderman. In this 8-week, superhero-inspired program, trainer Ron Mathews presents the ultimate workout plan for crafting an indestructible physique. With a plethora of muscle-building and body-chiseling moves you’ll quickly develop the strength, stamina, agility and muscle of a real life superhero. 

And when you’re ready to put that superhero strength to the test, we’ve got just the workouts to conquer. Grab a fist full of sand and get the upper hand with sandbags and sandbells for increased stability and functional strength. Short on time? No problem. Our 10:20:45 minute time-oriented workouts offer the option of getting in a good sweat no matter what your schedule. And to make sure that superhero physique is in peak form from head to toe, we’ve sieved through year’s of our Straight Up Series to bring you the best workout for each bodypart that will have your muscles bursting at the seams. 

No doubt, these hardcore training programs will keep you chomping at the bit for your next muscle-fueling meal, which is why we’re serving up an assortment of healthy recipes such as those from acclaimed chef Wolfgang Puck. We’ve even put together a list of ten great foods to help you perform like a champ in the sack. And if it’s winter fat you’re looking to shed, you’ll find 25 fat-loss tips that will get you back on track to your desired weight. 

You’ll get all this as well as our regular training and nutrition columns to get superhero strong and shredded. You won’t find a better way to stay motivated and fit heading into spring. Don’t miss the February issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands now!

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