In the February issue of M&F, Bruce Lee headlines the list of the most badass men who ever graced the silver screen. We further shine the spotlight on the world’s most renowned martial artist by taking a crack at what his training would look like today. Always the consummate student, looking to excel at every level, our comprehensive, re-built training program is one Lee would surely welcome in the modern era.

In addition, we’ve got the perfect solution to your daily time crunch with some muscle-blasting and fat-torching circuits that can be knocked in in 20-minutes or less. You’ll also find the ultimate bare bones chest routine to pack on more pec size in just four to six weeks.

Want to get in on the secret to unlimited muscle growth? We share what you need to know about the Hulk gene, and it’s potential to save lives. And to further improve your overall health throughout the year, a successful bodybuilder turned chef will help you clean up your diet so you can perform your best in and out of the gym.

You’ll get all this, along with our regular training and nutrition columns. It’s the perfect mix of content for any lifting enthusiast to enhance their training results. Don’t miss the February issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands now!

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