The January issue of Muscle & Fitness features the workout tips, muscle-building recipes, and motivation you need to sculpt your dream physique and hit your strength goals in 2019.

Our January cover star and 2018 Arnold Classic Physique champ, Andre Ferguson, shares a roster of moves that will have your gains showing through your winter layers. Plus, get to know Instagram powerlifting star Larry Wheels and take a page from his book with a deadlift workout that’s as brutal as you’d expect from the world-record-setting 24-year-old lifter. 

Whether you’re after a set of chiseled abs, bulging biceps, a double-wide back, or legs like tree trunks in 2019, we’ve got workouts for every goal. And in the spirit of bulking season, we provide you with some winter recipes, including a few unexpectedly pumped-up salads, to help you get more mass on.

If quick progress is your priority, check out our 2019 Emergency Shred plan to get lean in a hurry. And for those starting from square one, we take it back to basics with 15 tips for creating the perfect game plan to transform yourself this year.  

And since Muscle & Fitness also incorporates FLEX, you’ll find even more training and diet tips to help you make serious gains in the gym. In this issue, we give you our top 10 most aesthetic physiques from bodybuilding’s Golden Era, along with some hard-hitting workout routines that’ll bring you closer to the standard they set. You’ll also find eight tips to gain serious mass from Dennis James and a can’t-miss, unfiltered interview with Sergio Oliva Jr.

For the latest training methods, no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, we’ve got it all right here in Muscle & Fitness and FLEX.