In the January issue, we take a closer look at the lessons Mark Wahlberg learned in the gym, and how it morphed him into a Hollywood heavyweight. From his troubled early years on the mean streets of Boston to his meteoric rise to box office behemoth, Wahlberg never strayed from his passion for muscle and fitness. Now in his mid 40s, the gritty actor continues to flaunt a stellar physique in both his action and comedy flicks by continuing to go with old-school, hardcore, weight training over the latest new fitness fads.

You’ll find just that in this month’s issue, where we offer a brutal, 4-day workout program to sport a lean muscular physique and strong set of Mark Wahlberg-sized guns. Another great way we help you get the New Year off to a strong start is with our 2017 Starter’s Guide. Here you’ll find everything you need for a leaner, stronger, more mindful body. And when you do run into common problems at the gym, we’ve got you covered with the best solutions to keep your muscle-building efforts on track for success. 

For those ready to step up their weight training game, the Bulgarian Method is the perfect powerlifting system to apply to your training. And our Mad Scientist Muscle feature offers another great approach to spark new muscle growth. We’ll also help give your muscles the perfect finishing touch with some of our favorite workout finishers. 

Of course it also takes a sound diet to maximize your body-chiseling goals, and our 7% Body-Fat Diet will help strip the fat from your frame with a comprehensive 8-week eating plan. And the best ways to use the go-to kitchen appliance, George Foreman Grill, will further help knock the fat out of food for a quick and delicious muscle-building meal everytime.

You’ll get all this as well as our regular training and nutrition columns to get you jacked and feeling your best. You won’t find a better way to kick off the New Year. Don’t miss the January issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands now!

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