Muscle Definition
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Muscles can bring an unmatched presence in the room that speaks volumes. And when it comes to the biological makeup of muscles, it can be challenging to learn, from understanding the intricacies of the layers to figuring out how to best build muscle.

But no matter how impressive muscles can be, the fascia is the REAL boss.

Comprehending Muscles and Fascia aka “MyoFascial tissue”

So, what is one thing you can do to really elevate your muscles? Learn about muscle fascia.

Although muscles appear big and strong, and fascia appears relatively small and thin, when looked at individually, fascia has the upper hand on muscle—from the inside-out. The fascia dictates the way muscles look, feel, and work.

In other words, muscles are the fascia’s bitch! True muscle health and mass begins with the microscopic cells located in the fascia around the individual muscle fibers

Fascia Can Limit the Muscle’s Ability to Grow

90day Ultrasound
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In the photo above, you can clearly see muscle fascia in the ultrasound images at two different (but crucial) stages. The picture shows first how it looks at a microscopic level before muscle fascia release. The second picture shows how it looks after.

* Spoiler alert, the fascia work was performed using the FasciaBlaster tools.

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Fascia doesn’t “just” surround muscles like a pillowcase. Visualize a handful of drinking straws. If the straws were individual muscle fibers, the fascia would surround each straw. Ultimately this creates a sheath over the top, BUT it also creates a web of fascia inside the muscle, in every nook and cranny. Each fiber can be strangled by the fascia if the fascia isn’t healthy. You will look “muscle bound”, lack definition and be limited on growth potential.

Use FasciaBlasters for Fascia, Period.

Rolling devices are great for providing pressure, but they will “squish” over the fascia, instead of penetrating it. Percussion guns feel good, but they are more to “tenderize” the muscle and have very little effect on fascia. The only proven tool to actually penetrate and regenerate the fascia is the FasciaBlaster System.

If you like a multi- modality tissue approach, use FasciaBlasting FIRST, to open deep into the muscles and THEN foam roll, massage, percussion, cup etc. And FasciaBlasting is always best done warm, so right after a training sesh or if you can blast in a sauna you will feel next level results!

Muscle Definition 2
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What Does the Research Say?

In peer reviewed and published science, not only is the FasciaBlaster safe, but it also has been extremely beneficial in: (1. Effects of Fascia Manipulation)

  •  reducing systemic inflammation
  •  improving collagen remodeling and production
  •  encouraging the eradication of cellulite
  •  increasing Irisin, or the “super hormones,” helping weight loss and


  •  increasing metabolic rate
  •  reducing subcutaneous fat
  •  increasing hair follicle growth and hair count

With benefits like this, it’s time to make your fascia your bitch!

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