You can’t call Dennis Wolf overlooked anymore. Not after the second-year pro won the first contest of his young career at the Keystone Classic on Saturday night.

It was evident from the prejudging that Wolf came to Pennsylvania in his best-ever condition, displaying a shredded, symmetrical physique that was finally rewarded. That wasn’t the case two weeks ago at the New York Pro, when size was rewarded over symmetry as Branch Warren edged out both Wolf and runner-up Dennis James. Tonight, however, was a different story.

Warren would not only finish behind Wolf, but behind Desmond Miller and the hard-charging Kai Greene as well to end up fourth. Silvio Samuel rounded out the top five, finishing fifth for the second consecutive contest.

The 28-year-old Wolf, who burst onto the bodybuilding scene when he appeared on th March 2006 cover of FLEX, has steadily risen up the professional ranks since first competing in the United States at last year’s Europa Super Show. Wolf, who lives in Germany, qualified for the ’06 Olympia, but finished out of the top 15. His third-place finish in New York was the best outing of Wolf’s career, matching his placing at the ’06 Santa Susanna Pro, until tonight.

Rookie Miller, who turned pro by winning the Superheavyweight and overall titles at the 2006 Nationals, earned his second top five in as many contests. However, it was hard to see how the judges saw fit to place Miller’s relatively unbalanced physique ahead of Green and, even though he has his own shortcomings, Warren.

Greene, who has made astronomical improvements since last year, earned a spot in the Olympia lineup by placing third. Greene once agaon had the crowd on its feet with his entertaining posing routine.

Warren appeared sharper than two weeks ago when he won in New York but could manage no better than fourth tonight.

Samuel finished fifth for the third time this season. He also placed fifth at the Ironman Pro in February.

Final Placings

1. Dennis Wolf*
2. Desmond Miller*
3. Kai Greene*
4. Branch Warren
5. Silvio Samuel
6. Darrem Charles
7. Craig Richardson
8. George Farrah
9.(Tied) Brian Chamberlain
9.(Tied) Johnnie Jackson
11. Ed van Amsterdam
12. Leo Ingram
13. Trevor Crouch
14. Khalid Al-Moshinawi
15. Richard Jackson
16. Gennaro Brigante
17. Andy DiNetta
* Qualifies for the 2007 Mr Olympia