As Jay Cutler took his third straight Arnold Classic tittle the consensus of the audience and Team FLEX was that Dexter Jackson should have been the rightful winner instead of the recipient of third place. However, history now will record that Jay Cutler won the 2004 Arnold Classic by one point over Chris Cormier. The special $10,000 posing award was won by King Kamali and for the third time in succession Jay Cutler won the most muscular award.

Check our galleries at the bottom of this page and make your own decision on who should have placed where.

2004 Arnold Classic:: Final Results

1, Jay Cutler
2. Chris Cormier
3. Dexter Jackson
4. Gunther Schlierkamp
5. Marcus Ruhl
6. Craig Titus
7. Gustavo Badell
8. King Kamali
9. Ahmad Haidar
10. Ernie Taylor
11.Bob Cicherillo
12. Mustafa Mohammad
13. Greg Kovacs

Top five qualify for the 2004 Mr Olympia

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The 2004 Arnold Classic prejudging was one of the most exciting and competitive in the contest’s history. Leading the pack are Dexter Jackson, currently possessing the momentum of an express train, a newly streamlined Jay Cutler and a rejuvenated Chris Cormier. Kick in Gunter Schlierkamp shaking off his sub par look of last year, and a massive Markus Ruhl recovered from the triceps injury that put him out of the 2003 Olympia, and the Columbus muscle bash to be decided tonight is one of epic proportions.

FLEX’s pick for the top five are: 1) Dexter Jackson; 2) Chris Cormier; 3) Jay Cutler; 4) Markus Ruhl; 5) Gunter Schlierkamp.

Most overlooked athlete: Gustavo Badell.

Here’s how they lined up in order of appearance:

1. Dexter Jackson
2. Gunter Schlierkamp
3. Jay Cutler
4. Chris Cormier
5. Mustafa Mohammed
6. Ernie Taylor
7. King Kamali
8. Gustavo Badell
9. Markus Ruhl
10. Ahmad Haidar
11. Craig Titus
12. Greg Kovacs
13. Robert Cicherillo

To watch tonight’s action live check your local Pay-Per-View listings.

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In a great night for the industry, Iris Kyle took her first major championship by winning the 2004 Ms. International after taking the runner-up spot so many times. In a repeat of last year’s decision Jenny Lynn edged out Monica Brant for the Arnold Figure Championship title. To cap off a great evening a tearful Adela Garcia-Friedmansky tumbled her way to victory as she squeaked out a three point victory over Kelly Ryan to take the Fitness Championship winner’s trophy.


1. Dayana Cadeau
2. Sophie Duquette
3. Denise Masino
4. Fanny Barrios
5. Angela Debatin

1. Iris Kyle
2. Yaxeni Oriquen
3. Betty Pariso
4. Annie Rivieccio
5. Brenda Raganot
6. Christine Roth
7. (tie) Bonnie Priest
Betty Viana

Overall Champion: Iris Kyle

1. Jenny Lynn
2. Monica Brant
3. Susie Curry
4. Jamie Franklin
5. D.J. Wallis
6. Mari Kudla-Donnelly
7. Dina Al-Sabah
8. Elaine Goodlad
9. Sharon Kouvaras
10. (tie) Amber Littlejohn
Christina Forlifer
12. Monica Guerra
13. Christine Bergeron

1. Adela Garcia-Friedmansky
2. Kelly Ryan
3. Jen Hendershott
4. Julie Palmer
5. Stacy Hylton
6. Anna Level
7. Kim Klein
8. Tracy Greenwood
9. Tanji Johnson
10. Stacy Simons
11. Angela Semsch
12. Carla Frieda


The 2004 Arnold Classic will be shown live on Pay Per View Television on Saturday, March 6th, at 7:00PM eastern time.

The event will be shown on the following systems in the United States and Canada:
Direct TV
Viewers Choice
Star Choice

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