Commentary and photo galleries from the 2008 Houston Pro Prejudging

July 4, 2008


The 2008 Houston Pro was billed as a showdown between two of the best-conditioned bodybuilders in the professional ranks, Silvio Samuel and Darrem Charles. On Friday night’s prejudging, only one of the two lived up to their end of the bargain.

Samuel, displaying his trademark razor-sharp conditioning, vaulted to the front of the order as expected. Charles, however, did not, and could find himself as low as fourth or fifth in the order when it is all said and done tomorrow night.

Craig Richardson and Leo Ingram seemed to benefit most from Charles’ subpar outing, and appear to be just behind Samuel in the order. Richardson took the stage in Houston slightly better than he was two months ago in New York, when he placed fifth. Ingram, a second-year pro, stepped onstage in his best ever condition, and could place third and wrap up an Olympia qualification.

After that, Charles will likely battle it out with Bill Wilmore and Armin Scholz for the remaining spots in the top six.

For exclusive commentary with Bob Cicherillo and Allan Donnelly, go to the FLEX Forums.

In the men’s Under 202-pound class, Ray Arde looks to be in the lead. Arde was the sharpest of the seven competitors in that class.

In figure prejudging, Lenay Hernandez, Felicia Romero, Jelena Abbou, Paola Almerico, Heather Mae French and Houng Arcinas are jockeying for position for the top three spots and Olympia qualifications. With Romero, French and Almerico already qualified, a potential fourth-place finisher could also earn a qualification.

Check back tomorrow night for final results.

Ray Arde

Eric Castagnet

Tricky Jackson

Ken Jones

Jeff Long

Nathan Wonsley

Comparisons Gallery

Fouad Abiad

Gianluca Catapano

Darrem Charles

Aiman Faour

Leo Ingram

Pavol Jablonicky

Evgeny Mishin

JoJo Ntiforo

Gian Enrico Pica

Craig Richardson

Silvio Samuel

Armin Scholz

Daniele Seccarecci

Heinz Senior

Bill Wilmore

Paco Bautista

Comparison Gallery One

Jelena Abbou

Elisha Archibold

Jane Awad

Natalie Benson

Susanne Bock

Tivisay Briceno

Krissy Chin

Andrea Dumon

Heather Mae French

Nancy Georges

Celeste Gonzalez

Darlena Brown

Lenay Hernandez

Candice John

Petra Mertl

Karen Mularkey-Barringer

Amy Peters

Felicia Romero

Liane Seiwald

Jessica Steffens

Paola Almerico

Huong Arcinas

Bernadette Galvan

One-Piece Comparisons Gallery

Two-Piece Comparisons Gallery

Maggie Blanchard

Myriam Capes

Jennifer Cassetty

Shannon Dey

Heidi Fletcher

Bethany Gainey

Susan Groshek

Amy Haddad

Liza Hughes

Laticia Jackson

Lisbeth Marquez

Lisa McCormick

Shannon Meteraud

Leslie Rae Newton

Traci Redding

Erin Riley

Jessica Rohm

Kristina Rojas

Nicole Rollolazo

Trish Warren

Stacy Wig

Tracey Greenwood

Amy Villa Nelson

Nicole Duncan

Angie English