COLUMBUS, Ohio – After hosting the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio for the past 24 years, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer will host an Arnold Classic in Madrd, Spain for the second straight year.

The second-annual Arnold Classic Europe will be held Oct. 12-14 in Madrid, Spain and will once again feature IFBB Pro League men’s bodybuilding and fitness, a complete lineup of amateur bodybuilding events, several other amateur sports and the popular Arnol d Fitness EXPO.

Arnold Classic Europe is a joint venture between Gov. Schwarzenegger, Lorimer, Arnold Sports Festival co-promoter, and Dr. Rafael Santonja, the president of the International Federation of Body Building.

“We have had many requests over the years to take the Arnold Classic to many cities throughout the world, and we are excited to begin the globalization of our event with the first Arnold Classic Europe,” said Lorimer, co-promoter of the Arnold Sports Festival. “Rafael Santonja has been one of our biggest supporters and we look forward to working together for many years.”

Victor Martinez edged Dexter Jackson to win the inaugural Arnold Classic Europe in October 2011, while Tanji Johnson captured the first Arnold Fitness Europe title.

In addition to pro men’s bodybuilding and pro fitness, the Arnold Classic Europe 2012 will feature contests for amateur bodybuilding, fitness, bodyfitness (figure) and bikini competitions. Others will include strongman, armwrestling, weightlifting, gymnastics, Paralympics and track & field. Events were held at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos del Campo de las Naciones in Madrid.

The Arnold Classic Europe builds on the success of the Arnold Sports Festival, which began as the Arnold Classic professional men’s bodybuilding competition in 1989 and has grown to include more than 18,000 athletes competing in more than 45 sports and events each year.

The second-annual Arnold Classic Europe will be held October 12-14, 2012 in Madrid.

The Monsters Come to Madrid

The MHP Arnold Classic Europe Strongman Contest will be held in Madrid on Oct. 13-14, 2012 as part of the Arnold Classic Europe—a multi-sport festival promoted by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, IFBB President Rafael Santonja and Jim Lorimer.

The contest will feature ten of the strongest men in the world — men who average 6’5” and more than 400 pounds.  Mike Jenkins, the 400-pound winner of the 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio, will compete, along Brian Shaw (6-feet-8, 440 pounds), winner of the 2011 World’s Strongest Man. 

The MHP Arnold Classic Europe Strongman Contest will be part of the Strongman Champions League.  The contest will be televised on Eurosport and other networks in Europe. The contest, sponsored by Maximum Human Performance (MHP) will reach 85 countries. 

Dione Wessels and Terry Todd will direct the MHP Arnold Classic Europe Strongman Contest and oversee athlete selection, events, officials and rules. The Chief of Officials will be Magnus ver Magnusson, four-time winner of World’s Strongest Man, and he will choose the other officials for each event from a group that includes Wessels, Todd, Ilkka Kinnunen, and Marcel Mostert.

The six events will include: Log Lift (Maximum Single Repetition), Frame or Car Deadlift (Maximum Single Repetition), Heavy Yoke, Two-Hand Hold-out, Dumbbell (Fixed Weight for Reps) and Farmer’s Walk/Frame Carry race.

The MHP Arnold Classic Europe Strongman Contest will be held as part of the Arnold Classic Europe to be held Oct. 12-14 in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid Arena
Avda. de Portugal s/n (Casa de Campo)
28011 Madrid (Spain)

Oct. 12-14

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