Could David Henry and Kevin English be heading for another 1-2 finish?

May 15, 2009


The only two times these two men have stood together on stage, they have finished 1-2, each with a victory to his credit. Kevin English took the top spot at the 2008 New York Pro, the first-ever 202 event, only to have David Henry win in a walk at the 202 Showdown during Olympia Weekend.

At this weekend’s New York Pro, chances are they will be the last two men standing again. FLEX chatted with both competitors on their emerging rivalry and their thoughts on this weekend’s show.



David Henry
2008 – 202 Showdown Champion

FLEX: Last time you and Kevin English shared a stage, you won the show. Is this weekend going to be a repeat of that performance?

David Henry: Yes. I think we – my trainer, wife and I – did some reevaluation of my physique after that show. We let my body rest and heal and put on some good lean mass. I got up to 230 which was about 15 pounds heavier than I’ve ever been. During that time I was bombing my legs hard. I will be on point. I will be conditioned. Standing here right now, I’m just retardedly ripped. I’m ready way ahead of time, which is the way we want it because it’s harder to play catch-up.

FLEX: What do you think are the main differences between your physique and his?

DH: Last year, they claimed he was a bigger 202. This time, it’s gonna be equal as far as that goes. It’s like what they said about my physique versus Lee Priest at 2006 Ironman. If they’re looking for overall quality and packaging, it’ll be me.

FLEX: This show also has Eduardo Correa da Silva, who won the Pittsburgh 202, and Mark Dugdale who placed second in that show. Do you think either of these guys could win in New York?

DH: It’s anyone’s show. It’s really not one person versus another. I’ve competed against Dugdale before and he’s a great competitor. I saw Eduardo’s pics and was impressed. Justifiably, he won that show. On that stage that day, there’ll be 4-5 guys that could win that show. Fakhri [Mubarak] will be a factor, I think. So will Jason Arntz and Jose [Raymond]. They’re hungry and that’s great to see. We’re all gonna look great. It’s just gonna be about who can nail it that day.

FLEX: Have you made any specific improvements since your last show?

DH: Improved leg size, definitely. My overall outside sweep has gotten better, gotten bigger. My glute-ham tie-in is crisp and on point. I’ve brought up my hamstrings.

Kevin English
2008 – New York Pro 202-Under Champion

FLEX: You were the first man ever to win a 202 title. Does that put additional pressure on you to win shows in this class?

Kevin English: Not at all. My frame is fit for 202 division. Each year, I plan to be better and better. But you are going to see a totally different Kevin English [this weekend]. I’ll be bigger and more conditioned. My waist is a lot smaller and tighter, back is a lot wider and thicker. My legs are thicker and rounder.

FLEX: Is this weekend really a two-man show between you and David Henry?

KE: I totally respect David Henry but the competition is with myself. I really did my homework, but I don’t really even think it’s going to be close. There’ll be me, then everyone else battling for the other spots. I’m pumped and ready. I’m just gonna do my thing, then it’s off to the winner’s circle!

FLEX: How do you think his physique compares to yours? In what ways are you better?

KE: I feel that I’m better because I carry a lot more muscle. He has a phenomenal physique. But his legs are kind of straight up and down. Mine have more density and shape to them. David’s known for his back but my back has improved tremendously – that’s the only area where he would have had me. Back and conditioning. But my conditioning is so good right now that I don’t think he can touch me in any shot.

FLEX: What would you say to people who think David Henry is the man to beat because he beat you at the Olympia?

KE: People can think what they want to think. Me, it’s all about proper planning and mindset. After the Olympia, we devised a game plan and everything came together for this show. The results will speak for themselves. People might toss me aside because they don’t really know who I am.

FLEX: Is there anyone else that could be a threat to win?

KE: No. We’ll all at the same weight and some will be very conditioned, but with no size. Some will have size but no condition. Two guys I won’t name have pretty good size and condition, but their symmetry is not there. I think it’s my show.

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