This past week (October 10-14), 21-year old Amanda Lawrence set two unofficial World Records in the squat (526 pounds) and deadlift (540 pounds) at USAPL Nationals in Spokane, WA, for a performance that was good enough for silver.

But the 84kg powerlifter wasn’t satisfied. Less than a week later, Lawrence hit the gym and loaded 550 on the bar and squatted it for a single, shattering her world record by 24 pounds. And after scrolling through her Instagram, you’ll notice that her last meet PR was 496 pounds in June 2018—which means she put 54 pounds on her squat in five months.

Needless to say, this she-beast is riding the express train to Gainsville, and we’re excited to see how she performs at her next meet, the Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships taking place from February 28- March 3. Stay tuned—we doubt this is the last we’ll see of Lawrence between now and then.