Las Vegas-based bodybuilder Craig Golias may have started out small, but at 6’3″ and around 350 pounds, he’s now one of the biggest guys around

The online bodybuilding coach was a skinny teenager, but you couldn’t tell from his current physique. He’s been obsessed with size since he got his start in 2003, and he says he’s put on 200 pounds over the years. He used to compete, but these days, he’s eternally bulking

Golias has more than 418,000 followers on Instagram, and unsurprisingly, he gets both love and hate on his countless physique updates. Plenty of people accuse him of being on steroids, but he’s never claimed to be a natural athlete. Instead, he points out that even when someone uses steroids, there’s still tons of hard work required in getting so ridiculously huge. 

Check out some of his posts below.