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Roelly Winklarr is now qualified for the 2012 Olympia by winning the 2012 Nordic Cup Mens Bodybuilding. There's been a lot of pressure on Team Roelly as Sibil has been guiding his return after an illness last year. Conditioned and full, Roelly dominated. The questions is: Will Roelly have enough tank in the gas to place well at the Olympia? With over three bodybuilding contests in one season, jumping into the Olympia with very little rest may bot bode well for him. However, Sibil has done well with Roelly, so time will tell.

Fresh off the blocks, Robert Piotrkowicz stepped over Ronny Rockel for second. We usually see Ronny vying for first, but he seems to have been off lately. Todd Jewel is hanging strong by placing in the top 5 in his second pro show. Jewell's added a tremendous amount of size since he turned pro last year and has impressed me. He clearly will be winning some shows next year if he keeps up with the improvements.

I'd be remiss to not mention my boy Fred Smalls. Great smile and awesome body and conditioning, I thought he should have won in Chicago over Obiad. However, thrown into a pool with bigger fish, Fred did not stand out in the crowd. With a bit more size coupled with his freaky conditioning, Smalls will be a contending bodybuilder.

As much as I would like for Keith Williams to do well, placing 9th in this competition supports why it took him so long to turn pro. As big as Keith is, he needs to fill out his frame and bring up lagging parts before he will be placing top 5 at a pro bodybuilding contest.

Congratulations to Gal Ferreira-Yates for a well deserved win. The ladies were all beautiful but Gal stole the show.

Bodybuilding Figure
IFBB Pro Men
1. Roelly Winklaar 
2. Robert Piotrkowicz 
3. Ronny Rockel 
4. Baitollah Abbaspour 
5. Todd Jewel
6. Juri Leonov 
7. Khalid Almohsinawi 
8. Fred Smalls 
9. Keith Williams 
10. Daniel Hill 
11. Thomas Benagli 
12. Timo Honkala 
13. Valentin Jabes 
14. Clarence De Vis 
15. Ari Kokkonen 
16. Mirsad Terzo 
16. Omid Parsa 
16. Fauzi Hanst 
IFBB Pro Figure
1. Gal Ferreira-Yates 
2. Kati Alander 
3. Ann Pratt 
4. Giada Simari 
5. Natalia Lenartova 
6. Maria-Jose Garcia 
7. Christina Casoni 
8. Heidi Sorsa 
9. Susanne Bock 
10. Lynsey Beattie-Ahearne 
11. Nina Moe 
12. Laura Tolonen 
13. Miriam Sanchez 
14. Thea Erichsen 
15. Lisbeth Halikka 

IFBB Nordic Pro Championships 2012