Human growth hormone, or HGH, produces naturally in the body. It’s necessary for cell growth and regeneration, increasing muscle mass and bone density, and just keeping the body in good working order.

Unfortunately, our body sees peak levels of HGH into our 20s, and it just dips from there. Bodybuilders and professional athletes tend to use HGH to help give them a competitive advantage, while Hollywood praises its anti-aging effects. Typically available as a supplement or injection—and at a big price tag—the rich and famous are more likely to indulge for its potential, anti-aging benefits.

HGH has also been linked to other physiological enhancements—everything from increasing sex drive to sleep and mood. There’s still little research backing up all these HGH benefits, but here’s a little background on HGH to get you started.

How to Tell if You Need Human Growth Hormone

How to Tell if You Need Human Growth Hormone

Are you HiGH or low?

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