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You’re into bodybuilding, so, naturally you’ve watched all the old Arnold action movies – Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, Predator – the classics. You’ve got the physique to make others stare in awe at your pythons, but something’s still missing. It’s putting those muscles to good use in a fantasy action movie scenario. Enter Rugged Maniac.

Now you can recreate the final scenes in The Predator by covering yourself in mud. Sadly, there’s no dreadlocked alien hunter chasing you, but that’s what your imagination is for. What you will get is at least 25 obstacles where you can impress others with your ability to hoist your massive frame over puny walls that challenge everyone else. And if you toss in the occasional “get to the choppa” or “get down!” throughout the race, no one will judge you.

Put Your Muscle Where Your Mud Is
Courtesy of Quest Nutrition

The race spans the distance of a 5k and spectators attend for free – in fact, you’re encouraged to make a day of it. When you’re not running the race there are pre-and-post race hangout areas where you can munch on Quest Protein Cookies, grab a drink or relax with a massage. Because living an action hero fantasy is exhausting work.

When you compare Rugged Maniac to the other Spartan style races, they hold up quite nicely.

Quest RM2
Courtesy of Quest Nutrition

At the end of the day, the event is about having fun. But it does afford a pretty great opportunity to snap some kick ass photos for your bodybuilding Instagram. Heck, it might even help you get cast in the inevitable “every-Arnold-movie-reboots.” If you or a couple friends are interested in crawling through muddy pits topped with barbed wire, hulking your way up steep inclined walls and jumping over live flames, check out a Rugged Maniac event.

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