As predicted, the 2013 PBW Tamp Pro Open Men Division was going to be as exciting as any other great bodybuilding contest. We were expecting large names like Essa Obiad, Lionel Beyeke, Bill Wilmore, Mohammed Ali Bannout, Lee Banks and Juan Morel to to come in and battle it hard for a win. But many had all their chips on the venerable Evan Centopani who placed 3rd at the Arnold several years ago in a very tough line-up.

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Suffice it to say this contest is Evan's to lose, but when he stepped on stage he did not disappoint. Ripped, full and shredded, Centopani had a slight smile on his face knowing he brought his A-Game. Beyeke was on before Evan and was as big as a house, but from behind, Beyeke lacked the conditioning need to battle for first.

Out comes Essa Obiad. When he stepped on stage, it was a world of a difference from when Obiad competed in Chicago. Whatever was broken had been fixed. Essa came on stage as hard as nails and was ready to battle.

IMG_6281 tampa pro

In the first call-out, we had:

The judges moved both Essa and Juan around Evan. In my opinion, Juan Morel will take third, but it's hard for me to choose between Even and Essa. As the comparisons continued, Essa became harder and harder accentuating his already crisp detail. Don't get me wrong, Evan looked fantastic as well, so will have to wait and see what the judges will have to say.

No matter what,one of the 30 men competing tonight will be given a 2013 Mr Olympia qualification.

Wings of Strength presents the 2013 Tamp PBW Pro Championships

2013 PBW Tampa Pro Championships

2013 PBW Tampa Pro Championships