Al "The Hybrid" Auguste blew away the competition with his trademark conditioning and enviable waist. Team Hybrid led by the Guru Master Don Long struck a home run for the first 212 win of the year.

Not placing top 3 in the very first and much anticipated IFBB Pro Women Physique was Dana Linn Bailey. She looked awesome up on stage but I think it was too hard of a physique and the judges are holding to their mandate that the women must be 20% harder than the figure girls.

Here's the preliminary results:
IFBB Pro 212
1. Al Auguste
2. Mark Dugdale
3. Milton Holloway, Jr.
4. Rusty Jeffers

IFBB Pro Women's Physique
1. Karina Nacimento
2. Marlinea Echohawk
3. Jillian Reville

IFBB Pro Bikini
1. Stacy Alexander
2. Narmin Assria
3. Jennifer Chapman